Don't Dump It...Recycle It.

Please when you want to dispose of waste paper collectively, please bring it to this corporation.

Kozaka Co., Ltd. also performs selective packaging sales.

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WELCOME Kodzuka .,inc Website.


We Protect the environment by reducing wastes, circulating resources and saving enegy.
Our three main policies are:

  1. Cooperation with society
  2. Motivation for improvement
  3. Contribution to the society through the effective business.

Purpose of establishment

We have been collecting and treating mainly wastepaper since establishment. Papers are indispensable to save the information, culture and industry, and paper supply is strongly related to environmental issues. Recycling business; "Vein industry"; is functioned with two elements; wholesale and service. Collection service and wholesale dealer are the keystones of it's circulation route. Therefore Kozuka Corporation and Taiko-Shigen Limited were established to develop being large enterprise group according with each different view point and ideal.


We hope that all people in the world venerate the limited resources, and leave beautiful nature for future, and we will strengthen our presence as one of the influential enterprises.


Kodzuka Corporation
224-0045 Kawawa247 Tsuzuki ward Yokohama city Kanagawa pref
TEL 045-929-1931(Japan) FAX 045-929-1932(Japan)

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